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How to De-Stress With Child Support

Think about all of the good habits in your life…brushing your teeth, exercising, balancing your checkbook, eating healthy, working hard, putting things away after using them. Good habits are things that help make our lives easier. They keep us clean, … Read More

Best Way to get Child Support On Time

Isn’t is nice to get paid on time each month? Could you imagine if your boss let you know on the last day of the month that your paycheck was going to be a little late and you were just … Read More

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Child Support Orders and SupportPay

The ease of SupportPay is something that we pride ourselves on. Child Support Orders and SupportPay want this system to be simple to use and create a chaos-free shared child support tool. SupportPay will store all of your documents so … Read More

Your Child Support Money Should be Transparent

Why is it that the term “child support” stirs up so many differing and negative views? Greed, selfishness, mistrust…all terms that could at one point or another define what we think or feel about how child support is summoned, given … Read More

Why Both Parents Should Register

When living in a co-parenting situation, it is often difficult when one parent does something and forgets to tell the other. You end up with possible hurt feelings, tasks left incomplete, or even children forgotten. It is so important to … Read More

Feature Friday, Child Support Changes

So what happens when your situation changes? Or when your child’s situation changes?  This weeks Feature Friday,  Child Support Changes and when theyneed to be looked at.  #SPfeaturefriday will answer just that. There are many possible scenarios, such as a change in … Read More

Feature Friday, Irony is a funny thing

We were all together in a meeting and the idea came up to highlight a feature every Friday. So this will be the first #SPfeaturefriday post. Let us know if you want to see anything highlighted by commenting below. That … Read More

Who pays for what? Paying parent and receiving parent.

There are two sides to every coin, and the co-parenting coin is a tough one to flip. Splitting up is hard enough without having to decide who pays for what. One parent is usually the paying parent, giving money to … Read More

Tips on how to Modify a Child Support Order

We get so many questions from parents that need a modification to their support order. Many people these days are having trouble either making child support payments or caring for their children on their existing child support because of a change in … Read More

Why Sheri Atwood took on Silicon Valley

All of us here at SupportPay thought you might like to know a little more about the person behind the first child support management solution. We sat down with Sheri and asked her about her own divorce, her life and why she … Read More

Child Support on the go

The day begins with a nice breakfast out and coffee to go as you get ready to enjoy a lovely day of shopping with your three children. The sun is shining, you leisurely stroll in and out of stores, and … Read More

Don’t miss out, SupportPay

As a parent I am always bragging about my kid. I love to tell others of her accomplishments. I get so excited when she gets an award, make the honor roll, or score the winning point in a game! When … Read More


4 things single parents Must have in their agreement

When lack of communication and differences in money management lead to relationship breakdown, the easy solution is to jump ship and make and agreement. When children are in the mix though, those very things that may have led you down … Read More

Tax Tips from SupportPay

Part 2 in our Tax Tips from SupportPay series, here is part 1. Just because the court says something, doesn’t mean it is so when it comes to taxes. What I mean is, if the court orders say that you can legally claim … Read More

Five things SupportPay does better than you

We all have our talents and things we’re amazing at doing. For some people, that can even include being organized. But even if you’re great at being organized and even better at reminding people when they owe you money, I … Read More