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All expenses and support in one simple app

If you constantly juggle parenting while managing child support, sharing expenses, coordinating custody schedules or simply distracted too many times by your ex, listen up!

Automate your child support

Keep track of your child support, alimony, and children’s expenses all in one application that you can use from any web browser or mobile device. Cut down on the clutter with fewer spreadsheets, boxes of old checks, and piles of receipts. SupportPay has you covered. You can send and receive payments directly from your bank account or PayPal account, and you can even record manual payments such as cash, check, or credit card. All of your money transfers, payments, and proof are securely stored in one convenient location.

Handle disputed transactions

But that’s not all – SupportPay also makes it easy to dispute expenses via a proprietary dispute management system that helps parents come to an agreement quickly. Say goodbye to awkward conversations and hello to streamlined managing your child’s expenses.

Say goodbye to the stress of co-parenting with our free resources

SupportPay revolutionizes the way you manage child support expenses and payments! With our cutting-edge system, you can easily track expenses, provide receipts, calculate payments, and make payments with the touch of a button.

Calculate your child support based on your state. Try different support scenarios. Save and Export Your Results.

Create a child support agreement that can be used for an informal agreement or can be filed in court for a an order.

Learn more about child support, get insights from our recent articles and get your co-parenting questions answered.

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