Top 4 Things You Missed When Calculating Child Support

Top 4 Things You Missed When Calculating Child Support

When it comes to getting divorced or ending a relationship with the parent of your child there is a lot going on. From getting used to a new living situation to dividing assets most of the time, energy and effort goes … Read More

Co-parenting Best Practices

The irony is pretty thick here. The relationship didn’t work. Maybe you could never communicate well. You have children and you are now co-parenting after a divorce. The two things that make co-parenting a success are good communication and cooperation. … Read More

Tips on how to Modify a Child Support Order

We get so many questions from parents that need a modification to their support order. Many people these days are having trouble either making child support payments or caring for their children on their existing child support because of a change in … Read More

Tax Tips from SupportPay

Part 2 in our Tax Tips from SupportPay series, here is part 1. Just because the court says something, doesn’t mean it is so when it comes to taxes. What I mean is, if the court orders say that you can legally claim … Read More

45 Life Lessons + 5 to grow on

I found this article many years ago and still refer to it regularly to remind me of the important things Written By Regina Brett, 90 years old, of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland , Ohio “To celebrate growing older, I once … Read More