About us

About us

Our Mission:
Making Modern Family Life Easier

Our Philosophy

We believe that technology can and should be used to make family life easier. 

SupportPay was founded on a simple, powerful idea: modern family life is hard enough. There has to be a better way. And that is how we live and work everyday. How can we make life easier — for everyone? From employees, partners and customers we want to use technology, built for the way we live and work now, to make life easier. This makes for happy customers, happy children, happy workers and overall, a better way to live.

Learn more about SupportPay. We are changing the way modern families live, manage finances and communicate and you can be a part of it.

Our Goal

End financial conflicts, so families can spend their time and energy on what matters most, raising happy, healthy children.

Over the past 30 years the “traditional family” is no longer the majority of family households in the world. Families are now made up of single parents, blended families, divorces, multi-generational households and many other combinations. During the same 30 years our world has dramatically changed through technology innovation. However, there has been limited technology innovation that supports the way modern families operate their financial lives. Finances are no longer in one account managing one household We hope to improve modern family life by delivering high quality financial applications that solve real modern family problems.

Patent Pending SupportPay Platform

Since child support is not just a single monthly payment but also a broad collection of shared expenses, parents must continually manage, communicate and negotiate over child related expenses. The entire process is complex, time consuming and very stressful. SupportPay seeks to eliminate child support conflict and enable collaboration with an easy to use online application, providing both parents transparency while saving time & money. Parents can now spend less time managing child support and more time focused on raising happy, healthy children.

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