Child Support Calculator

Why Child Support Should Be About More Than Just Money

After a divorce, child support can be a conflict-ridden process. It’s not uncommon that once loving, kind spouses turn hostile and seek to get everything they can from the deal, ripping their relationship apart. So typically, parents drift away and … Read More

Stop Paying Child Support

The bills are numerous, the money is tight. Month by month you watch things add up and wonder where all the money goes. So many obligations, and so many “extras” that are hard to account for, when will it ever … Read More

Top 4 Things You Missed When Calculating Child Support

How To Calculate Child Support

Every state is different. Depending on where you live there are different regulations for child support. How do you know where to start when trying to calculate child support?  Regardless of which state you live in, there are some general … Read More

Best Ways to Calculate Child Support

The last thing you are probably thinking about in the midst of divorce and splitting with your spouse, is how much you will have to pay each month in child support. Once everything is finalized and the reality sets in, … Read More

The Reality of Child Support

Child support is a very confusing thing. You leave court with orders and plans, but then that doesn’t necessarily transfer to reality in the day to day. You have plenty of expenses and your child has needs. Who’s going to … Read More


4 things single parents Must have in their agreement

When lack of communication and differences in money management lead to relationship breakdown, the easy solution is to jump ship and make and agreement. When children are in the mix though, those very things that may have led you down … Read More