How It Works

Easily share, manage and track expenses, payments and schedules between family members!

1. Register For an Account

Just provide your information and choose your subscription plan. You have the option to invite other family members at that moment or you can decide to do so later on.

2. Set Up Your Family

You can easily add your loved ones by providing their details and extending an invitation to join SupportPay. This streamlined process ensures that all members are accounted for, facilitating seamless collaboration and effective management of expenses and payments within your family.

3. Add an Expense & Attach a Receipt

When logging an expense, just include the recipients and the amount, and our system will take care of splitting the cost among family members. After that, you can choose to attach a receipt or explain if you don’t have one before submitting. And if it’s something you spend on regularly, you can set it to repeat, saving you the hassle of entering it every time.


Enter direct expenses or expenses that need reimbursement.


Track by family member, merchant & category. Enable one time or recurring.


Automatically calculates each family member's share based on order or agreement.

4. Make Payments or Dispute Items

Easily review items, see where the money is going and make payments online or record payments made outside SupportPay. Don’t agree with an item? No problem. We have online dispute management built into the system – while enabling the continuous flow of money for items not in dispute.

Online Payments

Make online payments via Bank Transfer or PayPal

Manual Payments

Track manual payments made via cash, check, charge or wage garnishment

Add Notes

Add comments or notes for detailed reporting

Dispute Management

Provides online dispute management to manage items that family members may not agree on

5. Access, Upload and Organize

Access all your data effortlessly, whether from the web or your mobile device. Manage expenses, upload receipts, and facilitate payments seamlessly. With SupportPay, you’ll have a comprehensive record of all transactions neatly organized within an intuitive application. Say goodbye to awkward financial discussions among family members as SupportPay handles notifications and reminders smoothly.

Proactive Alerts

Delivers proactive alerts, notifications & billing summaries.

Certified Records

Enables family members to meet compliance and tax requirements while delivering certified records that can be used for modifications, court cases & taxes

Store All Documents

Stores all receipts, payment proof and documents for easy access

Cancel Any Time

Subscribe to the premium version while being able to cancel your subscription at any time

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SupportPay is the ultimate app for financial caregiving. Our mission is to revolutionize the lives of modern families by providing exceptional applications that seamlessly tackle their everyday hurdles.

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