Easily manage child support, share expenses & make payments

Automatically creates a certified record for everyone!

1. Register For Account

Quickly register for an account which will take less than 5 minutes! Provide your information, your case location and answer a security question. You can choose to invite the other parent at that time or wait until later.

2. Add an Expense & Attach Receipt

Quickly enter your first expense. When entering an expense you will provide who the expense is for and the amount. Based on your child support agreement the system will automatically calculate the amount that each parent owes and then you will attach a receipt, or provide a reason one is not available, and submit the expense. You can also choose to make this expense recurring so you don’t have to reenter it every time.

Enter direct expenses or expenses that need reimbursement.
Track by child, merchant & category. Enable one time or recurring.

3. SupportPay stores the information and sends a notification to the other parent

Everything stored in one place – from the web or mobile device. Easily access expenses, upload receipts or make payments. Now you have a complete history of all child support made or received – organized and stored in a simple to use application. Parents no longer need to think about asking or discussing money with the other parent. SupportPay does all of the notifications and reminders – taking away the uncomfortable financial conversations that parents face every day.

Proactive Alerts
Delivers proactive alerts, notifications & billing summaries.
Certified Records
Enables parents to meet compliance and tax requirements while delivering certified records that can be used for modifications, court cases & taxes
Store all documents
Stores all receipts, payment proof and documents for easy access

4. Make payments or dispute items

Easily review items, see where the money is going and make payments online or record manual payments. Don’t agree with an item? No problem. We have online dispute management built into the system – while enabling the continuous flow of money for items not in dispute.

Online Payments
Make online payments via eCheck or PayPal
Manual Payments
Tracks manual payments made via cash, check, charge or wage garnishments
Add Notes
Add comments or notes for detailed reporting
Dispute Management
Provides online dispute management to manage items that parents may not agree

What are you waiting for? Start today!

SupportPay is the only automated child support platform built by parents – for parents. Our goal is to make sharing expenses easier on parents so children get the financial support they deserve!