SupportPay Pricing


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you issue refunds?
Yes. If you are not satisfied we will issue a refund. If you are a monthly subscriber you will be issued a refund for the current month. For yearly subscribers you will be issued a refund based on a pro-rated basis depending on how long you have been using SupportPay.
Can I quit any time?
Yes absolutely. If you want to cancel your account you have the option of moving to a free version or completely deleting your account and your data. Please contact us at if you need assistance.
Do you offer military discounts?
Absolutely! If you a member of the armed forces just send us an email at and we will provide you a 50% discount. No need to fill out long forms. Just a simple email letting us know is all you have to do.
I really want to use SupportPay and your premium features but can't afford it. Do you have an option for me?
Absolutely! We never want money to be a reason you can’t get the benefits of SupportPay. While your subscription payments go to supporting the company and making sure you get the best product and support, we understand this may not be feasible for you right now. Just send us an email at and explain your situation and we will help you!
Is this subscription for both parents? or just myself?
Each parent is an individual subscriber. This means that you don’t need to convince the other parent to pay in order to get the maximum value of out of SupportPay as each parent makes an individual decision to subscribe to the premium version.
Can I purchase a subscription for myself and the other parent?
Absolutely. If you would like to do this please contact us at and we can help you. In the future, we will be automating the process to make it easier.
What payment methods can I use to send payments to the other parent?
Today we support the ability to send electronic checks to the other parent from your bank account to theirs – without you having to share your banking information with them. You can also send PayPal payments if you would like to pay via credit card or you can track manual payments (cash, check or charge) if the payment was made outside the system. To subscribe to our service we except debit or credit cards.
Is SupportPay still valuable if the other parent does not participate or subscribe?
Yes. Absolutely! SupportPay provides a certified record that can be used at any time to prove your expenses or payments. This is critical to making sure you are always protected!