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Offer a Unique & Innovative Financial Management Benefit that Supports Parents & Caregivers.

The stresses of financial caregiving not only impact the employee, but also impacts their coworkers, management, & the bottom line.

Financial Caregiving and the Workplace

The majority of parents & caregivers are navigating significant life events.
As a result, nearly 73% of your workforce is impacted, leading to:


These life events not only affect the employee, but also impacts coworkers, management, and the bottom line.

0 %
Decline in Health & Well-Being
0 %
Lost Productivity
for 1+ Years
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Decrease in Job
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Be a thought leader by offering an innovative & unique benefit that supports your working parents through all life events!

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Key Features For Employees

SupportPay eliminates financial conflicts by providing family members transparency. Spend less time sharing, managing and tracking expenses, payments and schedules across households — spend more time supporting your loved ones.

Pay and receive caregiving, child support, alimony, & other shared expenses

Easily schedule, manage & modify custody, visitation & parenting time

Upload, scan, share and store receipts with your mobile device

Communicate and store conversations with other family members

Review, dispute and resolve financial disagreements directly in the platform

Retain court-certified records of your expense, payment & chat history

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