Offer a Unique & Innovative Benefit
that Supports Working Parents

Divorce & separation not only impacts single, divorced
and step-parents, but also impacts coworkers,
management, & the bottom line.

Divorce and the Workplace

Divorce ranks as the second most stressful life event. At any given time,

70% of the workforce is impacted by divorce, leading to:

Productivity Loss

Higher Turnover

Increased Absenteeism

Workplace Errors

Divorce not only impacts the employee, but also impacts

coworkers, management, and the bottom line.


Increased Absenteeism


Decline in Health & Well-Being


Lost Productivity
for 1+ Years


Decrease in Job

Be a thought leader by offering an innovative & unique benefit

that helps your working parents during and after divorce!

How SupportPay Will Benefit Your Organization

Mitigate productivity losses by helping employees retain focus & eliminate workplace errors during the workday

Protect company security with tools that keep discoverable communications off
company servers

Reduce absenteeism arising from financial, legal & health complications of the many stressful components of divorce

Demonstrate an innovative commitment to employee well-being during and after their divorce journey

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Key Features For Employees

SupportPay helps parents manage support, expenses, custody, & communication-
all in a single, easy-to-use web and mobile app.

Pay and receive child support, alimony &
shared expenses

Communicate and store
conversations with
the other parent

Easily schedule, manage &
modify custody, visitation
& parenting time

Review, dispute and resolve financial disagreements directly in the platform

Upload, scan, share and
store receipts with
your mobile device

Retain court-certified records
of your expense, payment
& chat history