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Eight Myths About Child Support

Here at SupportPay, we get lots of questions regarding child support. Here is our list of the top eight myths surrounding child support payments and how SupportPay can help manage the financial part so you can focus on raising happy kids. 1. If … Read More


Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce

We’re here to help make your lives easier – plain and simple. We created SupportPay specifically to address the fundamental issues that commonly affect every parent who is raising their child after a divorce. But it’s also true that while we can … Read More

Medical Expenses

Guess Who Gets Medical Reimbursement? Probably not you!

Medical Reimbursement 101 Several months ago, I was searching for a counselor for my 15-year-old daughter. She was about to have significant back surgery and was having a lot of anxiety about it. I knew I didn’t have the skills … Read More


How A Single Mom Can Make Managing Child Support Easier

Single working moms have one of the hardest jobs in the world. They work long hours, have to make sure kids eat their vegetables, and get to school on time and finish their homework. Not to mention the stresses of … Read More

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Child Support Increases May Be Coming

Over the last decade, there has been a deadlock in congress on raising the child support payment cap. Today, however, the House Judiciary Committee voted on a 4% increase in child support payments – which would be the first such increase in … Read More

The Tax Audit and Child Support – What You Don’t Know

Taxes are no fun for anyone (unless you’re an accountant). And if you’re paying child support, then there’s just one more thing that you will need to make sure you are tracking properly. And if you’re not? Then you could … Read More

A Safe, Secure Way to Pay Child Support

States and counties across the country are finding ways to increase the rate of child support payments. Take Michigan, for example. State officials have just announced that they will be allowing parents to pay child support through local stores such as … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Co-Parents

Another year is coming to a close. For many co-parents it’s been one of the most challenging, or perhaps one of the most rewarding. Regardless of the outcome, we are all looking forward to making the next chapter in life … Read More

Male or Female, Not Paying Child Support Affects You Equally

According to Arkansas officials, men and women are treated equally if they fail to make child support payments. One of the common misconceptions about paying child support is that there aren’t penalties, or that, for whatever reason, there are extenuating … Read More

How Does SupportPay Work – And How Can It Make My Life Easier?

Life can be stressful – let’s just state the obvious. Add in children? Stress level 11. Sheri Atwood, the founder of SupportPay, was looking for a way to help her manage child support payments and everything related to the child support … Read More

Behind on Child Support? Get Financially Fit

We’re halfway through 2016 now – and its time to take a good hard look at your finances. This means take out those receipts, your subscriptions, and the bills, and put your fingers to the keys and bust out the … Read More

Why Child Support Should Be About More Than Just Money

After a divorce, child support can be a conflict-ridden process. It’s not uncommon that once loving, kind spouses turn hostile and seek to get everything they can from the deal, ripping their relationship apart. So typically, parents drift away and … Read More


Are You Paying For That?

There are two sides to every coin, and the co-parenting coin is a tough one to flip. Splitting up is hard enough without having to decide who pays for what. One parent is usually the paying parent, giving money to … Read More

Why January Is Known As Divorce Season

We’ve had our fill of hot chocolate, holiday songs and Christmas decorations. But there’s something else that many have had their fill of during the holiday season: their marriage. Which leads to January being known as divorce season. It’s an unfortunate … Read More

What To Do If You’re Behind on Paying Child Support

There are many ways in which parents can get tangled up in the child support process and on paying child support. Whether it is long court sessions, mediation, complicated laws, or problems with tracking child support payments, we understand that it’s not … Read More