Child Support on the go

The day begins with a nice breakfast out and coffee to go as you get ready to enjoy a lovely day of shopping with your three children. The sun is shining, you leisurely stroll in and out of stores, and seem to find all the right sizes at the most fabulous prices. The children are happy and nice to each other, and they aren’t asking for anything extravagant, even thanking you for your bargain finds.

You get home in time to gather your receipts and call your ex-spouse to tell them what you spent at each store for each child, and they respond with amazement at the great deals you scored.

Oh Wait…..reality check!  More likely, is the trip through the drive thru for breakfast and coffee. All kids are yelling their orders to you from the back seat and complain about what you choose for them (because you won’t buy them a frappuccino for breakfast!) You arrive at the first store only to spill your saving grace coffee down the front of you as you exit the vehicle. SupportPay’s Child Support On the go was born out of this frustration, to help parents take care of the day to day.

Dragging kids from store to store to find what they “need” only leads to fights and arguments about how if you won’t buy it for them, then your ex probably would. They will just go ask the other parent later. Not to mention whatever you do buy, you will not be able to remember and will probably lose receipts. Who knows if that $5 went to new underwear for child #1 or that candy bar you really needed to get you through the afternoon.

With SupportPay on the Go, you are able to use a mobile app on your smartphone as you shop to record what you buy and when, and who it is for. You can categorize your shopping by child and even the merchant you are buying from. Quickly take a photo of a receipt as you get it and then even throw it away (or lose it) if you want. Make a To-Do list before or while you shop right on the SupportPay App to keep you organized. Then everything you do that day will be recorded and tracked for the parent that is not present. Nothing will be forgotten, nothing will go unnoticed. At least with the SupportPay mobile app , that part of the day can go smoothly…even if nothing else does.

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