Best Way to get Child Support On Time

Isn’t is nice to get paid on time each month? Could you imagine if your boss let you know on the last day of the month that your paycheck was going to be a little late and you were just going to have to wait to pay your bills? It isn’t fair that someone else can play such a huge role in your financial integrity. This is the reality for many divorced parents who are waiting on child support from their ex. This weeks #FeatureFriday is all about that… getting paid!

The unknown and the waiting. They are the worst. Will I get my child support this month? Will I have enough money to pay for those bills, or the groceries, or the supplies that my kid needs for that activity? I don’t want to sit here stressing about my child having to suffer the consequences because my ex might not pay their share. Reality can be tough. And life is not fair.

Fairness and reality leave us no choice but to act on our own behalf to do what is necessary, and what is best. So what is the Best Way to get Child Support On Time? SupportPay users enjoy a very high rate of on time child support payments. 90% of our users get paid on time each month. There are many reasons for this. SupportPay allows you to document all expenses, bills and receipts for the other parent to see. There is no mystery. The transparency allows the other parent to know exactly what is happening with their money. They can clearly see how they are supporting their child.

SupportPay also sends reminder emails and bills the parent for their share, clearly explaining and showing what the payment is for. Because of the way SupportPay documents everything and keeps a running record in the system, it is so easy to scroll through and see what you owe and when, and how that is supporting the child directly. The ammunition for fighting is taken out of the equation. The lines of communication are very smooth. We all want to raise happy, healthy kids, and take care of their needs. Sometimes its our own stuff that gets in the way. So let SupportPay be the middle man and establish a system that works for your family, to help make reality a little more fair for those special people in your life.

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