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For Employers

Deploying is simple and easy.

We create an employee registration page, providing all the communication text necessary to announce to your employees, and you are done. There is no additional administrative burden required for the organization. In addition, we can schedule an overview and Q&A session for your employees to discuss the benefits of SupportPay, provide a live demo and answer any employee questions directly.

No. SupportPay is strictly confidential. We monitor and share and number of employees that sign up by a unique identifier. No PII is shared or logged with the employer.

SupportPay is completely hands-on, with minimum effort required from the company. All it takes is a registration page, an announcement, and a scheduled webinar to walk your employees through the benefit.

Currently, our pricing ranges from $1-$5 per employee per month based on the number of employees and the length of the agreement.

SupportPay users can be used in any state or territory. We currently have users in all 50 states plus territories as well as over 70+ countries.

For Employees

SupportPay is paid for by your employer and does not cost you anything to use it.

No. SupportPay is strictly confidential. We monitor and share the number of employees that sign up by a unique identifier. No PII is shared or logged with the employer.

Before using SupportPay, please create your account and register at your dedicated employee registration address. After registering at this dedicated site, you can log in to the web and mobile application directly by going to or downloading SupportPay and WeParent by SupportPay from your app store. This ensures you are given the benefit for free and that your account is configured correctly. If you don’t know your employee site, please contact us at, and we can help you.

That’s the best part. Not only is your employer covering the cost of SupportPay for you they are also covering the cost for other members of your family, including co-parents and stepparents.

SupportPay is beneficial for both parents to track and manage communication, payments & visitation of the child(ren). It benefits both parents to have documentation that can stand up in court if needed.

Yes. You can use SupportPay to document expenses needed and expenses paid for your child(ren) to demonstrate proof of support in court if needed.

Yes, you can still budget and manage time and expenses for your child(ren) with SupportPay with a great relationship.

Yes, our parents have found that keeping a record that can stand up in court regarding the child(ren)’s expenses, communication & visitation is the best way to avoid additional disputes with their exes.

Yes, many of our current users are step-parents that assist in co-parenting and financial decisions with their new partner. Step-parents using SupportPay can provide a fresh perspective on the money coming in or out.

Absolutely. We have thousands of pet parents using SupportPay to manage their pet expenses and custody arrangements. This includes managing vet expenses, food, toys, grooming, and managing who will have their furry babies on which days.

Yes, we also provide employees with access to our sister app, WeParent, a scheduling tool for visitation that can be easily linked to your Google Cal.

Yes, as a former employee, SupportPay will continue to offer services to you at a significant discount.

No, since divorce and separation can happen at any time. You can sign up for SupportPay anytime while it’s offered as an employee benefit.

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