Don’t miss out, SupportPay

As a parent I am always bragging about my kid. I love to tell others of her accomplishments. I get so excited when she gets an award, make the honor roll, or score the winning point in a game! When co-parenting from separate households sometimes the other parent misses out on those big moments or special accolades. Did both parents see the report card that came home? Did you know that the other day your child received an award in class? You are not alone if you feel like you are missing out and missing information! If you are not the parent picking the child up from school you might not hear all that day to day stuff because let’s face it, life is busy! Don’t miss out, SupportPay!

SupportPay wants the focus to be on the child. We are the ONLY platform out there that helps parents share the costs of raising kids without the struggle of communication, and in the meantime, helps the focus to stay on what is important…raising happy, healthy children. Those wonderful awards, certificates and report cards are all examples of documents that can be uploaded onto SupportPay so that you are able to share them with the other parent. You don’t have to worry about remembering to tell them one more thing. You don’t even have to talk about it at all. But by uploading these documents you know that you have shared the important information about your child’s life so that they can celebrate your child as much as you are in that moment.

There are many types of information that can be uploaded and shared through SupportPay. All receipts and proofs of payment can be photographed right from your smartphone. Or upload any receipt from your computer. Whenever payments are made you can document the check or credit card that was used. The transparency and ease of this system is meant to make your life so much easier! Parents can now refer to a common system for documentation and communication.

All court ordered documents are uploaded to SupportPay and stored there as well. Custody, visitation, and divorce documents can be housed there. You won’t have to worry about where you put those documents, or even remember what they said! Anything relating to your kids, their needs, the costs involved, and the people in charge of all of those things, is documented here on SupportPay to make the whole process feel less stressful. We want to take the frustration out of a potentially very frustrating situation, and help keep the focus on those beautiful children.

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