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Why Refer SupportPay?

You'll get child support benefits for FREE! Your employer covers the cost of our platform.

You'll be keeping coparenting communications off company servers.

User data isn't shared with your employer, so your use of our platform is kept private.

Having a co-parenting benefit enables you to stay productive & efficient at work.

Divorce and the Workplace

Divorce ranks as the second most stressful life event. At any given time,

70% of your workforce is impacted by divorce, leading to:

Productivity Loss

Higher Turnover

Increased Absenteeism

Workplace Errors

Divorce not only impacts you as the employee, but also impacts your

coworkers, management, and the bottom line.


Increased Absenteeism


Decline in Health & Well-Being


Lost Productivity
for 1+ Years


Decrease in Job

Help your employer see the need for co-parenting support

that assists you both during and after divorce!

Key Features

SupportPay helps parents manage support, expenses, custody, & communication-
all in a single, easy-to-use web and mobile app.

A secure co-parenting platform that keeps personal & financial data confidential (for Web, iOS, and Android)

Easily pay and receive support, manage expenses, communicate and coordinate custody

In-app dispute resolution lowers conflict and keeps support and payments flowing

Easy receipt upload and customizable expense tracking by child, custom categories, and merchants. You can also automate payment of recurring expenses

Drastically minimize time spent record-keeping with certified, legally-admissible records