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Mississippi Divorce: Grounds and Process for Divorce in Mississippi

Decoding Mississippi Divorce: Navigating Grounds, Laws, and the Process Introduction Divorce in Mississippi: Unlocking the Legal Tapestry Divorce is an intricate journey, and when it comes to Mississippi, the road might be less traveled but is no less complex. In … Read More

Bill of Rights for Children

The Bill of Rights for Children is meant to protect the children of parents who are undergoing a divorce. There are many people involved in a divorce. Of course there are the two adults who are deciding to separate, the … Read More

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The Most Common Problems You Can Face in Co-Parenting

Written By: Ryan Pell  Common co-parenting problems is a popular topic today, as more and more people say it’s vital for a child’s well-being. Research shows that co-parenting is important for a child’s mental health after marriage dissolution and helps form coping … Read More

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Child Support and College Expenses

Written By: James Collins Many parents know that paying tuition for their children is a necessity but others wonder what constitutes additional expenses beyond the normal child support. With the increase in college expenses and tuition costs, many parents are getting … Read More

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Different Breaks Necessary for Children in Elementary School

Written By: Timothy Miller Children in elementary school are still young and require constant refreshment of their brains. Young children quickly get bored when they do some activities constantly without taking breaks. Tutors and parents should therefore know how their children … Read More

The Benefits of the Great Outdoors

It’s National Great Outdoors Month, and SupportPay is here for it. We are not just the first child support payment and management app – we are also a company formed by parents, for parents. Like you, we spent hours last … Read More

Getting a Divorce in California

Every state has different regulations when it comes to divorce. There are great online resources to help you understand the laws and procedures for each state. It is always important to know what to expect when entering into a new … Read More

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Raising Teen Girls: 5 Modern Books Parents Should Read

Raising teen girls is a unique challenge. From conflicts and frustrated responses, adults often feel clueless about how to help their teens go through complicated situations that affect their mental health. The first step to becoming a helpful adult is … Read More


Help Your Child Become More Independent

Every parent wants to raise children that are independent, free-thinking, and know what they want and figure out how to obtain it. However, raising independent children is a challenge itself – especially because parents feel the need to resist the … Read More

Arizona Child Support Enforcement: What You Need to Know

A common misconception about child support for noncustodial parents is that when their visitation rights have been refused by the custodial parent that they are no longer obligated to pay. This is not true. In fact, each parent is mandated to … Read More

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7 Tips On Talking To Your Kids About Dating

Suppose you’ve found someone that you truly love. It can be a coworker at your job, an old high school sweetheart, or someone you’ve grown fond of elsewhere. Whatever the case may be, you’re in love … but you also … Read More


Coping with the Grief from Divorce

Divorce is a commonplace tragedy. In the United States, around two thirds of marriages end in divorce, but despite this regular occurrence as a fact of life, it still hurts. A marriage is built as a relationship forever – when … Read More


Pets are Treated More like Children in a California Divorce

To many people, pets are not just property- they’re family! They have been with us through our highs, our lows, and often times are the emotional product of two loving parents. Usually when divorcing couples look at the property they have … Read More


The Melson Formula – Child Support

All US courts utilize a calculator to determine child support. These calculations vary by state, but every state uses one of three models: the income shares model, the percentage of income model, or the Melson formula model. Melson Formula Model … Read More

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California Courts & Child Support Calculation

The California Model California is one of forty-one states that uses the income shares model. California courts base this model on the idea that a child should receive the same proportion of parental income that he/she would have received if the … Read More