Child Support Order / Agreement Language

Ensure both parties use SupportPay for managing expenses, making payments, tracking reimbursements, disputing items and a single certified record of all child support, divorce and alimony financial items by including SupportPay in your child support order or agreement.

By including SupportPay in the child support order or agreement, or divorce order both parents are ordered or agree to use SupportPay to manage all of their child support, alimony, shared expenses and payments. This ensures that both parents must use SupportPay for financial tracking – significantly increasing transparency for all involved while dramatically reducing the opportunity for financial conflicts.

If you would like to include the requirement to use SupportPay in your order or agreement you can use the following suggested language.

Short Language Text

Parties are ordered to use the SupportPay app to track all child support payments and child support expenses/reimbursements. Each parent shall be liable for their own cost of use.

Long Order Language

Each party is ordered to purchase, keep, and use the SupportPay app, at his or her own cost, for management of all child support payments and expenses/reimbursements. All support payments shall be recorded in the app. All requests for reimbursement of court-ordered “child’s additional expenses” shall be made via the app. The reimbursing parent shall, within 30 days’ notification via the app, either make the requested payment or utilize the dispute process provided by the app. Should either party request a determination of child support arrears, the parties’ SupportPay history shall be deemed admissible evidence, and shall be used by the Court in determining each parties’ compliance with the order(s) regarding payment of support and additional child expenses.