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A better way to manage child support.

Eliminate child support conflict and enjoy transparency while saving time and money. Spend less time managing child support and more time raising happy, healthy children.

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Share Child Support & Expenses

Makes Your Life Easier

Raising children is hard enough. Why make it harder by arguing over expenses and payments with the other parent? We make everything simple and streamlined. Now you can spend more time being a parent and less time managing your support payments, expenses, documents and communications. Paying parents can see where their money is going and parents who receive the payments can clearly demonstrate how expensive children really are. Now you both can give your child the best gift of all, parents who have time and energy to focus on them. Get Started

Salesforce + PayPal = SupportPay

Safe and Secure

We take security very seriously at SupportPay. Our Founder is a former executive at Symantec, a leading security provider, so security is at the core of our business. In order to provide the most secure environment we have partnered with Salesforce and PayPal to store your information. Leveraging the platform by Salesforce users are assured that their data is stored in the most secure environment that is built specifically for cloud application and internet security. It is currently powering over 100,000 enterprise companies and stores their most critical data, customer information, in their data centers around the world. If top companies trust Salesforce to run their business, so do we. If you choose to make payments via PayPal, your financial information is stored in PayPal datacenters – completely independent of the SupportPay data. Since your accounts are funded in PayPal, there is never a direct connection between your financial accounts and the financial accounts of the other parent. Get Started

Powerful Yet Simple

Built with the highest level of security so you get to choose what information you share and have it all stored in a safe and secure location. You also get the piece of mind that you have certified records that protects you, now and in the future. Adding expenses, uploading documents and making payments is easy.

Save Time

No need to check bank accounts or manually track transactions. Stop digging through old bank statements or arguing with the other parent over how much is owed. Automate the process of tracking expenses, providing receipts, calculating how much is owed and making payments. SupportPay keeps child support payment history and detailed child support records that can be accessed at any time. Just think of how much time and energy you will save.


End Conflict

Eliminate the need to discuss finances, expenses and payments directly with your ex. SupportPay provides the financial mediation you need to eliminate the conflict in your parental relationship. Based on patent-pending technology and processes, SupportPay is a revolutionary way to address the way you manage your child and spousal support.


Save Money

See where your money is going while easily sharing this information with the other parent. You no longer have to pay expensive legal fees or use third party services to exchange payments. And you both can be assured that your children are getting their financial needs met.


Both Parents Not Needed

Although the greatest power of SupportPay lies in the automation of payments and expenses between parents, the system can be used by a single parent to track activities, without requiring the other party to participate. Keep a record of payments, communications, documents and more all time-stamped and stored for future reference. You can use these records in legal discussions with judges, lawyers and mediators to provide third party proof of your activities.

Best Of All, It's Free To Use

Basic functionality is free to use including tracking expenses, making payments and storing documents. For a small subscription fee you can get access to advanced features that make your life even easier. If one parent decides to subscribes and the other doesn’t your functionality is not impacted. Imagine never having to think about child support payments again! What are you waiting for? A free, secure & easy to use application built specifically to make your life easier. What could be better?


World Class Support

We pride ourselves on doing all we can to make your life easier. Have a question? Click the help button below to chat with us, visit us at the SupportPay Help Center or email us at [email protected]. We will do our best to answer your questions or help you find the answer.