Your Child Support Money Should be Transparent

Why is it that the term “child support” stirs up so many differing and negative views? Greed, selfishness, mistrust…all terms that could at one point or another define what we think or feel about how child support is summoned, given and distributed. There are over 14 million parents dealing with this issue on a daily basis. What is all the negativity about? Isn’t the purpose of child support to take care of your child and their needs? It should be that alone, and not all the other garbage that gets mixed up with it. But how can you be sure where the money is going, and what the needs really are? SupportPay was established to help answer all of those questions, and give you a clear perspective so that the negativity can be left out of the equation. Here is why your child support money should be transparent.

When the court orders the child support payments for each parent, that is not the end. In addition to child support payments, there may be additional needs of the child that need to be share between the parents. Parents cannot legally give up or waive the child support. The right to receive child support belongs to the child. They need their needs met, and that is the responsibility of the parents, whether they like it or not.

Paying parents don’t actually have the legal right to see where every dollar goes, but wouldn’t it make things much easier and more friendly if they did see it anyway? Payments would be much more likely to show up, and show up on time, if people know that they aren’t getting screwed. For the most part, I would like to think that honesty goes a long way and brings out the best in people. The majority of parents want what is best for their kids, and they will much more likely do something for their child rather than for their ex.

With SupportPay you can post and record all expenses, including receipts, for the other parent to view. Each parent can see what their portion of the payment should be. Respond to an email to pay your portion, and then relax knowing that your child’s need is met, and your ex will not be asking you for money next time you see each other. Keep the focus on the kids. Use the tools that are out there for you. Take responsibility for your part, and be nice about it. Your children will thank you.

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