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User Testimonial

A Survivor's Journey to Safety and Stability

User Testimonial

Providing Support for Those Providing Care

"As a divorced dad of four boys, I first began using SupportPay four years ago to help manage all my children's expenses - from basic living expenses to unexpected costs, and it was a game-changer, significantly reducing stress and conflict between me and my ex. I was excited to participate in the beta testing of the expansion to caregivers as I also share caregiving responsibilities for my mother with my siblings and aunt. I'm confident that the payment platform will simplify financial caregiving duties for families like mine, making our lives much easier."

- Gabe Vargas, Divorced Father & Caregiver

Benefits Testimonial

Empowering Employees, Reshaping Employee Benefits

"We think a lot about the stretching of that full-time worker that's also a parent and how we can help them with well-being but also financially, but we weren't really doing anything in terms of divorce," she says. "We don't talk about the support they might need. We may think about it in terms of mental well-being, and we certainly address that, but not about additional support very specific to that profile of an employee. I hadn't seen anything like SupportPay that very specifically supports divorced parents trying to manage expenses with someone else. It closed a gap that we had."

- Maria Walsh, SVP & Head of Benefits, HearstLab

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4.3 Rating

Simple Sharing

"Great app. It's so simple to share custody and events and all messages go through the app so I don't get disrupted by text messages when I am busy with other things."​

More Than an App​

"The platform is great, but I really like it for their content too. They send very informative newsletters with useful co-parent tips. They also have a professional directory on their website to find resources in your area. These guys are truly centered around divorce and it shows. Great work, SupportPay!"​

A Conflict-Diffuser​

"This app saved us so many arguments and discussions about money. We had an amicable divorce but finances can be a sore subject and difficult conversation with any relationship. We liked it so much that we used it for the expenses of the family pets that I had custody of."​

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