Deployment Process

SupportPay Benefits

Deployment Process

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with seamless deployment of SupportPay benefits – effortlessly enhancing efficiency and employee satisfaction. SupportPay provides all messaging and materials out-of-the-box significantly reducing the amount of time Employers have to spend on launching the solution to their employees.

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🟢 = SupportPay Owned

🔵 = Jointly Owned

🟣 = Employer Owned

Kickoff & Readiness

KPI's & Timeline 🔵

Our leadership team works with you to establish custom KPI’s for your organization and establish a deployment timeline based on your company’s needs.

Finalize Contract 🔵

We draft up the final contract for you to review & sign. 

Our Brand Kit 🟢

Check out our Brand Kit, which includes our logos, fonts, and color palette for use with your organization. 

Registration Page 🟢

Our team creates a dedicated registration page for your organization, where employees can effortlessly get started with SupportPay.

Short Descriptions 🟢

Use our Messaging Center for sample email and social media text to share throughout your organization.

Benefits Team Email 🟣

Like the HR announcement, we’ve also created an Email Template for you to notify your benefits support team with, so they’re able to address any questions that come up.

Benefits Portal Assets 🟢

Download our Employee/Employer Datasheets to share with your benefit leaders & employees, which highlights how SupportPay increases productivity while helping your employees in their everyday lives.

Staff Presentation 🟢

Use our SupportPay Introductory Presentation to better demonstrate our product to your employees.

Key Features Video 🟢

Our Video Channel includes a product demo and intro to our benefits program, feel free to share them with your team!

Common Questions 🟢

Share our FAQ page with your workforce for answers to common questions about our platform.


Announcement 🟣

We’ve created an Email Template that provides several options to announce SupportPay benefits to your organization upon implementation. 

Engagement w/ERGs 🟢

In addition to standard email announcements, we’ve also created more personalized Email Content for your internal resource groups, focused on the needs of families, coparents and caregivers. 

Newsletter Content 🟢

We provide employee Newsletter Content for you to continue promoting SupportPay and its benefits to your organization through your company newsletter.

Employee Registration 🟢

Each employee is guided through the registration process via the dedicated registration page, which they can access via the announcement materials provided. 

Account Setup 🟢

Every employee has the option to use our Account Setup Service, where our support team assists in setting up the employee’s accounts to get them up and running quickly. 

Data Import 🟢

SupportPay also includes a Data Import feature, where employees can upload their previous expenses and other historical data, making the migration to our platform even easier.

1:1 Training Session 🟢

Employees also have access to a personalized 1:1 Training Session, where we walk them through our product features and answer any questions they may have. 

Retention & Feedback

Welcome Series 🟢

Every registered employee will receive a welcome series of emails highlighting our most useful features, ensuring they are making the most of our platform.  

Email Check-In's 🟢

Aside from the welcome series, we’ll check-in with employees to ensure they are maximizing the SupportPay benefit and address any additional questions they may have.

We’ll also reach out to gather feedback and testimonials from employees and department leaders (upon consent) to help optimize and promote our platform to the rest of your organization. 

Assessment 🟢

We’ve created Productivity Assessments to share with your enrolled employees. These worksheets can be used as a baseline for your organization’s ROI during the pilot process. 

After the initial employee registration, we’ll take a baseline assessment for the amount of time an employee is spending on various caregiving activities without the use of SupportPay.

We will then check in with that employee 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year later to assess the amount of time the employee is now spending on those activities with the help of SupportPay. That data can then be used to calculate an estimated cost savings for your organization with our ROI Calculator.

Employee Feedback 🟢

We make it easy for employees to share the impact SupportPay has had on their lives with the rest of your organization so you can better understand the enormous impact SupportPay provides.

Results & Renewal

KPI Reports 🟢

We craft custom KPI reports tailored to your organization, providing clear insights into utilization activities, time savings, and employee satisfaction gained through the use of SupportPay. Rest assured, your security is our paramount concern, and all your information will be confidential, stored exclusively for the benefit of your organization.

Net Promoter Score 🟢

We’ve created a NPS Survey to share with your enrolled employees to serve as a measurement tool to demonstrate the value of the SupportPay offering. These results will be included in your KPI report.  

ROI Calculation 🟢

At the conclusion of your program term, we’ll send an accumulative report detailing the utilization, engagement, satisfaction and overall ROI result since its implementation. These reports are provided based on your requested timeline. 

Testimonials 🟢

We’ll collect testimonials from volunteer employees regarding the effectiveness of our benefit offering and share these results with your benefit leaders for assessment. 

Post Mortem 🔵

At the end of your initial contract term, we’ll work with you to examine the overall usefulness of our benefits program for your organization, as well as gather feedback for how we can improve moving forward. 


Contract Renewal 🟣

After the initial contract term, we’ll work with you to renew the contract and share best practices to further improve our offering for your organization. 


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