Feature Friday, Child Support Changes

So what happens when your situation changes? Or when your child’s situation changes?  This weeks Feature Friday,  Child Support Changes and when theyneed to be looked at.  #SPfeaturefriday will answer just that.

There are many possible scenarios, such as a change in finances for you or your ex, or maybe your child’s living situation is modified. How do you go about adjusting child support? For example, what if a child, who has been living with the mother that receives child support, moves in with the grandparents and the mother is no longer responsible for their daily care. Should she still be receiving child support? The simple answer to that is no. However, the paying parent cannot just stop paying their portion of the support, because then that parent would be neglecting the court order. Where does SupportPay fit in to all this you ask? Well here is a handy info graphic to explain just that.

There is a process to uphold so that you are not at fault. Be sure to immediately contact your child support services agency to ask for the forms to request a modification to the child support order. This will not be complete until a new judgement and order have been filed with the county. There needs to be a change to your child support order officially before you can change any actual payment you are making. Until that time, you  are responsible for any child support that you have been required to pay. The Office of Child Support Enforcement has an interactive map to help you find information about the child support agency in your state and in your local area. Check it out when you need to make a change.

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