Five things SupportPay does better than you

We all have our talents and things we’re amazing at doing. For some people, that can even include being organized. But even if you’re great at being organized and even better at reminding people when they owe you money, I know you’re busy. And when we’re busy, well, we just aren’t super efficient. Here are five things that SupportPay does better than you (and why it will change your life for the better!):


1. Document storage. I always have big plans for how I’m going to keep paperwork organized, but the truth is, I usually end up with piles of receipts, report cards, and letters from my lawyer scattered throughout my house and car. And even when I do manage to file them all away in the correct area, finding a specific document that I need is difficult since I have to dig through a giant filing cabinet. With SupportPay, you input and upload all important information, choose which documents to share with your ex, and you can easily find anything you need quickly.

2. Prove expenses to your ex. No more holding on to receipts for weeks at a time so you can sit down with your ex to talk about shared expenses. Take the tension and argument out of the conversation. Simply upload receipts to SupportPay, share them with your ex, and collect the money from his/her portion of the shared expense.

3. Fill out legal forms faster. Let’s face it… filling out a mountain of paperwork is exhausting… and not just because your hand starts cramping from all the writing. It’s exhausting because you have to dig through piles of paperwork and pull out your calculator. With SupportPay, all of your child support information is stored in one place, which makes filling out legal forms quick and easy.. just the way it should be!

4. Remind your ex to pay you. This is perhaps my least favorite part of being divorced. I hated the constant reminders and feeling like I was a bill collector. With SupportPay, I’ve never had to remind my ex to pay monthly child support or his portion of a shared expense. SupportPay handles all the dirty work for you… simply input the expense and let the system do the nagging.

5. Accurate record keeping. With expenses coming in from many different places and payments coming in sporadically, it can be hard to keep track of what’s been paid and what hasn’t. With SupportPay, there’s no more gray area. Each expense is entered into the system and when it’s paid, you simply mark it paid. If it’s paid online through the system, SupportPay will automatically track the payment as made and provide proof. No more wondering fighting over whether a payment was made for soccer fees or dental bills.

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