Feature Friday, Irony is a funny thing

We were all together in a meeting and the idea came up to highlight a feature every Friday. So this will be the first #SPfeaturefriday post. Let us know if you want to see anything highlighted by commenting below.

That meeting got me thinking about Irony…that middle ground between what is meant and what is understood. It can be funny or confusing. It might be a miscommunication or a sarcastic comment. Irony is the door that led to the creation of SupportPay, the tool that allows parents to share child expenses without fighting, crazy concept right?

Divorce is often brought on by the inability of two people to communicate well, and be on the same page in life. Spouses fight about the ways they approach life, their styles of communication, the realms of misunderstanding of each other, and how they spend their money. Then in the midst of these differences, they bring children into the mix. Maybe the children came before things went south in the relationship. Either way, now there is unrest that is seemingly unfixable, and the children are caught up in the middle of it.

So, isn’t it ironic that after deciding to split because of differences in communication, money spending habits, or differences of opinion…the things you have to do most post-divorce are communicate about daily life and spending money for the sake of the children? The children have financial needs that need to be met. These needs must be shared between the parents, and therefore communication has to be of utmost concern. 

It would be great if the former spouses could communicate about the finances openly, without fighting or even having to discuss it in front of the children. Well they are former spouses for a reason. And now the only time they see each other is during the exchange of children. This brief exchange is not the time or usually the place to discuss the finances, or what one spouse owes the other. Emotions can get heated, and the children don’t deserve to be in the middle of those discussions. 

Enter SupportPay. This platform allows parents to share information, expenses, receipts, and payments all through an online tool. No more calling each other to get your half of a payment. This tool is FREE and is available to all parents. Share the necessary information, make paymentskeep records, set reminders…all without having to talk (or fight) about the process. You can take care of all the necessary monthly bills, to-dos, and expenses with ease, and make sure you are focusing on raising happy, healthy kids at the same time. SImply enter your information here on the sigh up page and add court documents, and let the communication about finances stop there! Check it out here. The marriage might be over, but now it’s time to save the children from the divorce. How ironic.

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