Child Support Agreement Template

Helping you discuss disagreements before they happen!

We have years of experience helping thousands of parents manage child support & shared expenses. Based on that experience we have found common areas where disagreements may arise and now we want to share that knowledge with you.

We want to help make the process of paying child support easier–and that means helpful planning even before making the first payment! Feel free to download the SupportPay Child Support Agreement Template to better prepare for future child support payments. We’ll also be updating this template to help parents stay updated on what to include in child support orders.

This agreement helps you get the most out of your child support court order by addressing:

  • Physical Residence
  • Custody and Decision-Making
  • Child Support Expenses
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Other Agreement Provisions

Download our Child Support Agreement Template!

Are Your Additional Expenses Being Managed?

Did you know that state systems only manage base child support payments & do not provide a way for parents to manage transactions & make payments for additional child expenses such as medical, education, child care or any other child-related expenses? Even if you have your base payments coming thru the state you need a solution to manage, track & pay all your child expenses – while providing a complete history & record.

SupportPay was built to help parents manage all child support & expenses while working with state payment systems.