Why January Is Known As Divorce Season

We’ve had our fill of hot chocolate, holiday songs and Christmas decorations. But there’s something else that many have had their fill of during the holiday season: their marriage. Which leads to January being known as divorce season.

It’s an unfortunate reality that experts agree – January is D Day, or divorce day. Even in our line of work, we see a surge in visitors to SupportPay, an increase in the use of our family law network, and a general increase of divorce attorneys. Experts we work with explain that the first Monday after children return to school is actually the biggest day for divorce filings. So why the surge?

For many couples, the holiday season may be the deciding factor that their union just isn’t working anymore. And for couples who have children, the realization during the holidays can be especially strong. They want what is best for their children during a time when families are meant to bond and enjoy their time together. However, it’s a time for reflection and many may begin to understand that January is a good a time as any to begin divorce proceedings. There is never a good time for divorce, but starting the year off making this decision tends to be how many couples wish to make sure that they can get on new footing.

There is also a financial component. The New Year is a way to start off with a new look on finances, taxes, and accounting for expenses. That’s where SupportPay comes in, and why we are offering SupportPay premium now to users to get them started early. It’s important that as the process of divorce moves quickly that you have a system in place to make everything as painless as possible. Using SupportPay. We also see that there is a rush to divorce during January as well, which means there are opportunities to be careless in finances, paperwork, and accountability. Again this is why we recommend using SupportPay early on in the process to begin making tracking easier and streamlined. It will help end the conflict ridden process.

While January may be a time for divorce, we want to make sure that we’re here to help where it counts – by making sure your children are taken care of and your child support is managed properly. So here’s to starting 2016 on the right foot and making sure that even though divorce season is upon us, we won’t be too focused on the negative.

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