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Gifted Children Will Now Cost More in Child Support Payments in New Jersey

A New Jersey judge recently ruled that children with amazing talents must be supported by their parents to be allowed to pursue their dreams. The ruling came as a well spoken, passionate 13 year old pleaded successfully that she be … Read More

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Myths Vs Facts About Child Support

Every day we are helping parents to make the most out of their experience as a divorced parent. Whether it is making sure that child support payments are received on time, assisting the parents to meet child support obligations, or … Read More

A Safe, Secure Way to Pay Child Support

States and counties across the country are finding ways to increase the rate of child support payments. Take Michigan, for example. State officials have just announced that they will be allowing parents to pay child support through local stores such as … Read More

An Easy Way To Pay Child Support On Time And Avoid Penalties

“Parents who avoid paying child support are rounded up by authorities” – is a headline you see all too often. It’s an unfortunate truth, and the latest example happened in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  The Sheriff took 5 offenders into custody for missing … Read More

Trick to Make The Child Support Process Easier

The child support process can be daunting. Legal documents mixed with emotion and tangled up in years of history. And there aren’t very many people or institutions to turn to for help – at least, that don’t cost an arm … Read More

Government Research Finds States Need to Update How They Collect Child Support

The Deloitte Center for Government Insights released a report detailing the need for state agencies to modernize their collection and management of child support payments and services. Payments are still being missed, data is poorly tracked, and records continue to be a … Read More

Why SupportPay?

If you’ve heard about SupportPay, and are curious, but haven’t signed up yet, you might have some reservations. Maybe you’re thinking you don’t need another app or login. Maybe you’re thinking there’s no real need to have a separate account … Read More

Why You Should Make a Co-Parenting Plan

You’ve gone through the divorce. You’ve seen the lawyers, made the proper financial arrangements – and even ended everything on good terms. Now you’re faced with the next big question – how do you raise your child as a co-parent? … Read More

5 Life Hacks for Co-Parents

Technology is everywhere – and let’s face it, we use it for practically everything. Even those of us who have tried to cut the cord have gotten to the point where we can’t live without our devices or the Internet. … Read More

It’s Not Just Individuals Who Need Help Tracking Child Support

It’s no surprise that people need help tracking child support. After all, we’re very busy, and there are so many more bills to pay than there were a decade ago – phone, internet, TV, car, rent, etc, that keeping track … Read More