Male or Female, Not Paying Child Support Affects You Equally

According to Arkansas officials, men and women are treated equally if they fail to make child support payments. One of the common misconceptions about paying child support is that there aren’t penalties, or that, for whatever reason, there are extenuating circumstances that get you out of your payment obligations. In rare cases, this can actually be the case – due to severe illness or job loss, an individual may defer or hold off on child support payments.

But in the vast majority of cases, you are due to pay the alimony you owe.

Many states need to keep the record straight – whether you are a man or a woman, think you have extenuating circumstances or not – you will need to pay child support. The obligation doesn’t go away – and in fact, the longer you put off payment, the more expensive it is going to be. Fines, assessments, liens, penalties, etc, can all be put against you if you fail to make your child support payments.

In many cases, there just simply isn’t a proper system to track, catalogue, and manage your alimony payments. Our founder, Sheri Atwood, realized that while there are many resources available to parents, there simply isn’t one that can help parents with expenses, let alone shared parenting expenses.

That’s why she took a risk and created SupportPay, a child support platform that allows you to automate payments, track, and manage your finances related to alimony. Whether you’re managing child support payments in Arkansas or California, or across multiple states, SupportPay now makes it easy to make timely payments.

We understand that parents have busy schedules. And that includes both women and men who have child support obligations. The platform allows for easy adoption of record tracking. And when you automate your payments, you are less likely to have penalties assessed.

Try SupportPay today for free.

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