Are You Paying For That?


There are two sides to every coin, and the co-parenting coin is a tough one to flip. Splitting up is hard enough without having to decide who pays for what. One parent is usually the paying parent, giving money to the receiving parent, who then spends that money on the needs of the child(ren). SupportPay is for both sides of the coin. It is a standard system that allows you to manage the conflict-ridden process and eliminate the emotional energy drain involved.

As the paying parent, SupportPay provides one central location for all of your payments. You can clearly see how your money is being spent on your child(ren). It provides you with all the reporting you will need for tax purposes related to spousal support, medical expenses, and other needs.

As the receiving parent, SupportPay tracks all the money that comes in. You will not have to track payments and keep receipts and make reminder phone calls any more. You can clearly keep track of all expenses related to the child(ren) and have all records when it comes time for taxes. This also allows you to demonstrate to the paying parent how much it actually costs to raise a child. No more arguing about what each child needs and how the money is spent.

Can you imagine a scenario where you actually collaborate with your co-parent in support of your child(ren)? You don’t have to fight about money in front of your child(ren) any more. SupportPay is a tool built to support YOU so that your goal can be simply to focus on raising happy, healthy children.

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