The Tax Audit and Child Support – What You Don’t Know

Taxes are no fun for anyone (unless you’re an accountant). And if you’re paying child support, then there’s just one more thing that you will need to make sure you are tracking properly. And if you’re not? Then you could receive a tax audit from the IRS.

Now maybe you’re wondering – I’ve paid everything on time. Why would I be audited? Well, the truth is, payers are audited all the time for making simple mistakes.

Did you know that if the amount you pay in child support and the amount you claimed from your income do not match, then you will be audited? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. Not because the payer is trying to skip out on taxes – but because keeping track of child support payments is not automated. This means that you may think you’ve written down the correct amount on your tax forms – after all, you paid everything on time. But if you forget to do the math properly, and you misreport – guess what? A child support tax audit.

Thankfully, there is a much easier way to track child support. And avoid audits.

SupportPay tracks and automates all payments for you. If you’re paying child support, or receiving it, our records keeping system allows you an easy way to pull proof that you have been paying your child support on time. This means that come tax time, you can go into SupportPay, look at how much you’ve paid, and accurately report your spending.

The system isn’t always working on your behalf. And even parents who are doing everything the right way can still face unnecessary penalties and fines if they don’t follow every rule properly.

SupportPay Premium offers you unlimited document storage and tracking. And we also have a group for you to access that will allow you to discuss with other parents ways you can better keep track of and manage child support – and avoid a run in with the IRS.

Try SupportPay today for free, or upgrade to Premium to access the full benefits.


  1. Raul Castillo

    I have reason to believe that my child’s mother is creating fraudulent childcare expenses on her tax return in regards to our child’s daycare. I have been requesting receipts from the mother, but also the daycare facility with creative new Beginnings in fairless hills, Pennsylvania and they both refused to provide me with receipts. I have been paying child support towards daycare, and I need these receipts for my records. Please advise on what I can do to obtain these records.

  2. blaine

    I received a call from child support stating the audit was over and I had over 800 dollars owed to me how much do I ger

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