How Does SupportPay Work – And How Can It Make My Life Easier?

Life can be stressful – let’s just state the obvious. Add in children? Stress level 11. Sheri Atwood, the founder of SupportPay, was looking for a way to help her manage child support payments and everything related to the child support process.

What happened? She couldn’t find anything.

So she created SupportPay – a tool to help monitor, track and help you manage everything related to child support. It is a one stop shop for everything you need. What can it do?

If you’re a Payor:

  • Clearly see how and when money is spent on your children.
  • Centralized location for all payments and proofs.
  • Easy annual tax reports–for spousal support, medical, and healthcare spending accounts.
  • Pay merchants and stores and keep a complete history of all transaction

If you’re a Payee:

  • No more manual payments tracking and management.
  • Say goodbye to disorganized, expense-related communication.
  • Central location for all expenses–an easy place to reference all tax or court-related purposes.
  • Keep complete history of how money is spent on your children and easily share information with the other parent.

That’s just it – both you and your ex can now work together on this, without having to talk to each other. It’s important that you both begin using a tool to help track and manage support. There are too many stories out there about what happens when you don’t keep track and rely on the government to do it for you. We hear it all too often.

But what other ways can we at SupportPay help? We also have a legal support product, where our team of legal representatives can help you with filing, advice, and other paperwork or insight as needed. This is something we’re proud to offer, as expert legal advice for basic necessities in the child support process can be expensive and time consuming.

We recommend trying SupportPay today for free, with a no risk trial, so that you can get on the path to making your life easier.

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