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Ziploc – Fit for Families

Ziploc bags – While we are cognizant of the needs to reduce plastics, one tool that saves us so much time and stress as single parents is Ziploc bags. We reduce plastic use elsewhere in order to minimize the impact. … Read More

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7 Tips On Talking To Your Kids About Dating

Suppose you’ve found someone that you truly love. It can be a coworker at your job, an old high school sweetheart, or someone you’ve grown fond of elsewhere. Whatever the case may be, you’re in love … but you also … Read More


Coping with the Grief from Divorce

Divorce is a commonplace tragedy. In the United States, around two thirds of marriages end in divorce, but despite this regular occurrence as a fact of life, it still hurts. A marriage is built as a relationship forever – when … Read More

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Important Financial Fixes For First-Time Parents

When you have a baby, some things, like choosing a nursery color, can wait. Others can’t. Financial concerns fall into the latter category. SupportPay is dedicated to helping moms and dads co-parent effectively by supporting their financial efforts. Their app helps … Read More

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Raising Daughters as a Single Dad

Being a single dad can be challenging, but interesting at best. Even for divorced dads, single parenting can bring different experiences and challenges every day. While 17.51% of fathers have custody of their children as of 2013, that doesn’t mean that fathers … Read More


Self-Esteem & Confidence for Teens & Tweens

In honor of our soon to debut kids page, we at SupportPay have dropped an article here for you to share with your teens and tweens. Hope they enjoy & benefit with some self-esteem and confidence. When I was a teenager, the … Read More


Confidence & Self-Esteem in Parents

It’s International Self-esteem and Confidence month and we at SupportPay want to help you make the most of it. It is a great time to take stock of our own confidence levels and see where we can use a boost. As a … Read More

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What is Child-Centered Divorce (Professional’s edition)

Divorce is not only a trauma to parents and children, but also divorce professionals. Perhaps you’re already aware of child-centered divorce and its positive effects, and perhaps you are recommending or aiding in the implementation of a child-centered divorce, but … Read More

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What is Child-Centered Divorce (Parent’s Edition)

Divorce is always a trauma to parents and children. However, the method parents use to divorce has the power to heal the trauma, ignore it, or perpetuate it for generations. Child-centered divorce helps parents make all decisions through the lens … Read More


How Getting Remarried Affects Child Support?

Many divorced parents will eventually make the decision to remarry. However, entering into a new marriage could affect previously-negotiated child support. It is crucial to know the child support laws in your state, and how they will affect you and your … Read More


Getting Remarried in California: How Will it Affect Child Support?

Just because your previous marriage ended in divorce doesn’t mean that you will never remarry. However, remarrying can affect the child support payments that were negotiated between you and your ex-spouse. It is important to know the child support laws in … Read More

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Why Colorado Parents Should Take Co-Parenting Classes

Many states require divorcing spouses to take one or more co-parenting classes. There are online classes which co-parents can take in Colorado. Though some of them are court-ordered, it doesn’t mean that is the only time co-parents should consider taking them. These … Read More

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Co-Parenting Classes for Floridian Families

Many states require divorcing co-parents to take one or more co-parenting classes. Florida is one of these states, requiring both parents to take a four-hour parenting class if they have children under the age of 18. These classes are designed … Read More

co-parenting classes

The Benefits of Co-Parenting Classes for Californians

Many states require divorcing co-parents to take one or more co-parenting classes. These classes are not only helpful for the adults going through the divorce, but also incredibly beneficial to their children’s well-being. Conflict between parents has a negative impact … Read More

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Remote Learning in New York (Parent’s Edition)

It’s been a difficult year for everyone in 2020, but divorced and/or single parents have had an entirely new set of challenges with the introduction of remote learning. Not only are many now working from home, but they are helping … Read More