Self-Esteem & Confidence for Teens & Tweens


In honor of our soon to debut kids page, we at SupportPay have dropped an article here for you to share with your teens and tweens. Hope they enjoy & benefit with some self-esteem and confidence.

When I was a teenager, the smallest thing could ruin my confidence. But on the other hand, something small could also really boost my self-esteem. Since this is  International Self-esteem and Confidence month, I wanted to share four of my little confidence boosters in hopes that they help your teen you get through a rough moment, or even a challenging week.

Tips to gain confidence in your day

Number one: get outside! Moving around in the fresh air and getting sunlight on your face will make you happier, and that is science. The best way to remember to get outside is with an affordable Smartwatch. You can set it to remind you to stop what you’re doing and take a little walk, or to make sure you take a certain number of steps everyday. The point of a Fitbit is not to go exercise yourself into Instagram-worthy shape. It’s just to give yourself a little brain boost and a bit of a glow.

Number two: speaking of glow, boost your confidence with these charcoal face wipes. Swipe one in the morning and before bed to even out your skin without any harsh chemicals or strong fragrances. They’re pretty affordable, so you can keep one in your backpack, or stash one at each parent’s house. You’ll feel better right away with a nice clean face, and over time, these wipes will really improve your skin tone.

Number three: get some sleep! It is so important to sleep as much as possible during your teenage years. Your brain is using a lot of energy, and when you don’t have enough rest, you might get down or become irritable more quickly. We get it – it’s not easy to get great sleep every night, and sometimes the more tired you are, the harder it is. My trick is this retro looking sleep machine. It produces white noise all night long. White noise actually helps calm your brain waves and it blocks out the sounds that are going on around you in your house. Many phones have a white noise app. But, in case your parents take your phone away at night, or, you keep it in a separate room (which is awesome, by the way!), having your own little white noise machine is key! This one is so small that you can travel with it between houses.

Number four: let go of something. It might sound strange, but spending some time to think about something that bothers you can actually give you a confidence boost. You can work out a solution to the problem, but even if you don’t, just thinking on it for a moment may help you move on. When you can set aside something that’s on your mind, you will automatically feel lighter and more confident.

No matter what people look like on the outside, nobody is confident all the time. Whether you had a hard day, or you’re going through some really challenging thing in your life, these four little confidence boosters are ready to help.

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