healthy choices

Healthy Choice Strategies for your Kids

As a parent, raising your children is something that can bring great joy into your life, but like anything else, it comes with its challenges. Helping your children make healthy choices and get them into the mindset of learning how … Read More

common co-parenting problems

The Most Common Problems You Can Face in Co-Parenting

Written By: Ryan Pell  Common co-parenting problems is a popular topic today, as more and more people say it’s vital for a child’s well-being. Research shows that co-parenting is important for a child’s mental health after marriage dissolution and helps form coping … Read More

college expenses

Child Support and College Expenses

Written By: James Collins Many parents know that paying tuition for their children is a necessity but others wonder what constitutes additional expenses beyond the normal child support. With the increase in college expenses and tuition costs, many parents are getting … Read More

elementary school

Different Breaks Necessary for Children in Elementary School

Written By: Timothy Miller Children in elementary school are still young and require constant refreshment of their brains. Young children quickly get bored when they do some activities constantly without taking breaks. Tutors and parents should therefore know how their children … Read More

How to Enforce Child Support in California

For millions of Americans, worrying about child support payments isn’t an issue. The payer pays on time and without any real need for the state or law enforcement to get involved. However, there are also many cases, some egregious, where … Read More

Getting a Divorce in California

Every state has different regulations when it comes to divorce. There are great online resources to help you understand the laws and procedures for each state. It is always important to know what to expect when entering into a new … Read More


Getting Remarried in California: How Will it Affect Child Support?

Just because your previous marriage ended in divorce doesn’t mean that you will never remarry. However, remarrying can affect the child support payments that were negotiated between you and your ex-spouse. It is important to know the child support laws in … Read More


Tracking Child Support Expenses in California

At its core, the purpose of child support is to ensure the child’s basic needs are being met. Going further, the court is trying to reduce a child from experiencing drastically different standards of living between households. For example, it … Read More

Need Child Support Legal Help In California?

Family courts in California are known to be notoriously difficult to deal with. Many of the decisions that are made follow separate rules, structures, and systems that are different from the traditional governing laws. You can visit here on the CA … Read More

Family Vacation Ideas You’ll Want to Try In California

As a company that’s based in the often sunny state of California, we know a thing or two about how to enjoy our weekends and relax. For families, now is a good time to start things about how and where to … Read More