Alimony: Florida’s New Law

In recent years, the topic of alimony has been a subject of debate and discussion in the state of Florida. After years of attempts and several vetoed bills, Governor Ron DeSantis has finally signed a new law that brings significant … Read More

divorce reimbursement

Divorce Reimbursement in Miami-Dade County

Divorce reimbursements are a large but frankly unknown aspect of divorce that many people should know about. With 2,699,428 people, Miami-Dade County is the 1st most populated county in the state of Florida out of 67 counties. The largest Miami-Dade … Read More

co-parenting journey

Co-Parenting Classes for Floridian Families

Many states require divorcing co-parents to take one or more co-parenting classes. Florida is one of these states, requiring both parents to take a four-hour parenting class if they have children under the age of 18. These classes are designed … Read More

remote learning

Helping Your Child with Remote Learning in Florida (Parent’s Edition)

There’s no question that 2020 has shifted priorities for parents in a big way, especially for divorced parents. Children are already experiencing transition, funds are often too tight for nannies or tutors, and usually, both parents work. At the same … Read More

Florida child support

Florida Child Support – Top Communication Tips

In Florida parents face unique challenges when it comes to child support and communicating between parents. Managing and exchanging money can be difficult for even the most amicable of exes and co-parents, but tensions often arise when money is being … Read More

Collecting Child Support in Florida

You have an order for child support, but how do you collect the money? It can be complicated when understanding where to begin. While a key factor in deciding how to collect support is how well the parents get along, … Read More