Ziploc – Fit for Families


Ziploc bags – While we are cognizant of the needs to reduce plastics, one tool that saves us so much time and stress as single parents is Ziploc bags. We reduce plastic use elsewhere in order to minimize the impact. In my household, Ziplocs are a lifesaver.

Here’s how we use them:

Extra large and 2-gallon

-keep in the gym bag for child’s uniform, shoes, and padding. Everything is in one place, making it easy to see what’s missing. Once used and dirty, everything can be tucked back into the bag together and can be transported between houses without the messiness

– for younger children, do laundry on the weekend and put together 5 complete outfits, one in each bag. Your child can choose a bag each morning. Then, there is no need to struggle over outfit choices or to fly around looking for lost socks.

– keep an extra complete outfit and a set of pajamas in a bag and throw it in the trunk. This is really helpful if your child needs an extra set of clothes at school or at their other home.


– keep swimsuits and gear in these. No more hunting around for lost goggles, plus, you have a place to return wet items after the pool. Turn bags inside out afterwards to dry.

– make two or three days’ lunches at once. Keep the extra lunches in Ziplocs that can be easily unloaded into the lunchbox each morning, then re-use them.

– make an extra “emergency lunch” containing long-lasting snacks (yogurt packs, apple sauce, fruit cups or freeze dried fruit, trail mix, granola bars). In case your child’s other parent picks them up for school without a lunch, or if your night is too busy to pack one, the emergency lunch is key.

– full baby bottles, medicines, special skincare, or any other liquids can be transported in bags without fear that they’ll leak onto anything else.

– if an item must come back to your house, send it with your child in a bag marked “please return.” The bag acts as a visual cue, helping your child remember.

– electronics (phones, tablets) can easily be passed between homes when bagged up with cords and chargers.


– little items easily lost in a larger bag stay accessible in small bags. Pacifiers, hair bands, Lego guys, special rocks – they all stay safe in a small bag.

– portion food from packaging into single-servings by bagging it up. Goldfish, cereal, or carrots can then be easily tossed into a bag or taken on the road.

Let us know how you use Ziplocs to make your #divorcelife easier. This post is not sponsored by Ziploc – we just really love the ease they bring to single parenting.

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