Co-Parenting Classes for Floridian Families

co-parenting journey

Many states require divorcing co-parents to take one or more co-parenting classes. Florida is one of these states, requiring both parents to take a four-hour parenting class if they have children under the age of 18. These classes are designed to not only be helpful for the co-parenting journey, but also for the children. Conflict between co-parents has a profoundly negative impact on children; the good news is that it can be avoided with the help and advice of a co-parenting class.

The benefits of these classes include:

  • Consistency: Being consistent in your co-parenting journey will help your children feel safe and secure. Consistency, routine, and predictability in communication, children’s schedules, and parental expectations are all areas that can be fine-tuned during a parenting class.
  • Conflict Resolution: You and your ex will always be role models for your children, even if you are no longer married or living together. Children learn how to navigate the world, solve problems, and handle conflict with other people by watching their parents. If you and your ex can provide them with a solid example of how to handle disagreements or differences, you will be giving them a priceless gift.
  • Creating and Maintaining Healthy Relationships: Having a solid foundation of loving, supportive relationships to experience and witness is critically important for a child’s development. Co-parenting classes can guide you and your ex-spouse through this process.
  • Self-Care: Many co-parenting classes also include information on the importance of self-care during and after your divorce. This may include recognizing and understanding your emotions, identifying your triggers, and controlling your reactions to those triggers.

Why not give it a try?

Whether court-ordered or not, co-parenting classes can bring peace—and even joy—to your life, despite the possible pain and trauma of your divorce. Find parenting resources and a list of co-parenting classes in Florida here, and additional resources here. Find a better path for your co-parenting journey.

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