Quality Family Reading with Readeo – Digital Books Bringing Families Together

Readeo Revolution: Connecting Families through Digital Storytelling In today’s fast-paced world, where time, distance, and social dynamics can create barriers, maintaining strong bonds is more important than ever. Imagine a tool that not only transcends these barriers but also enhances … Read More

Interview with Jennifer Warren Medwin on Empowerment

We could think of no person better to highlight for International self-esteem month and help explain empowerment than Jennifer Warren Medwin. We asked her some questions about her life as a divorce coach and the strategies she uses to help … Read More

co parenting coach

Interview with Anthony Johnson, Co-parenting Coach and Leadership Consultant

We met with Anthony Johnson to ask him some questions about his life as a coach in this co-parenting interview. He has joined SupportPay’s Advisory Council and we will be working together to shape the world of child support and … Read More

Interview with Rosalind Sedacca, CDC – Founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network

1. What is Child-Centered Divorce? Anyone going through divorce knows it inevitably stirs up charged emotions — some anticipated and others unexpected. And when children are involved, the process is exponentially more complex and challenging. Fortunately, there are ways to … Read More

VictimsVoice – A Great Highlight for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

At SupportPay we are always trying to aid the process of providing welfare to children of separated families and to make the lives of their parents easier. We had the privilege to speak with Sheri Kurdakul, the founder of VictimsVoice. … Read More


Ziploc – Fit for Families

Ziploc bags – While we are cognizant of the needs to reduce plastics, one tool that saves us so much time and stress as single parents is Ziploc bags. We reduce plastic use elsewhere in order to minimize the impact. … Read More


How New Online Tools Are Helping With Family Support

Divorce is never a walk in the park. Even couples who work to make a break up amicable will still have their fare of trying times. And if you add relocation and moves into the mix – and children – … Read More