2024 Child Care Costs in California: A Comprehensive Analysis of Childcare Expenses

If you’re a parent in California, the landscape of child care costs can be both daunting and essential to understand. In this detailed guide for 2024, we unravel the intricacies of child care expenses in the Golden State, shedding light … Read More

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Tips for Remote Learning in California (Parent’s Edition)

As a divorced or single parent, assisting your school-aged children succeed in school is no small feat. But having your home become the classroom due to the new remote learning environment is a challenge most parents have never faced. Parents … Read More

California Co-Parenting

California Co-Parenting During COVID

Earlier in 2020, many couples were ready to embark on the painful but, in many situations, necessary journey through divorce. California Co-Parenting is today’s topic. Whether co-parents were happy or sad about it, plans were starting to form. Then March … Read More

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Hiring an Attorney for Child Support in Florida

Maybe you and your ex both agree you need help to decide a long-term custody arrangement, or perhaps communication has broken down and you’re not sure how to approach the next step to get a support order. Whatever the reason, … Read More

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How to Find the Right Child Custody or Support Attorney in California

Try as you might to avoid it, sometimes you just need a California family law attorney to step in and advise on your child custody or support matter. This can happen even in amicable situations, as the laws surrounding rights … Read More


Pets are Treated More like Children in a California Divorce

To many people, pets are not just property- they’re family! They have been with us through our highs, our lows, and often times are the emotional product of two loving parents. Usually when divorcing couples look at the property they have … Read More