Arizona Child Support Enforcement: What You Need to Know

A common misconception about child support for noncustodial parents is that when their visitation rights have been refused by the custodial parent that they are no longer obligated to pay. This is not true. In fact, each parent is mandated to help support the costs of raising their child. In fact, in Arizona each parent is mandated to help support the costs of raising their child. Now It’s also important for you to understand that the state of Arizona can issue an arrest warrant if you’ve been delinquent in payments exceeding $5,000 in addition to the other methods available the government has for retrieving support funds under federal law such as garnishing wages, seizing assets, and placing liens on real property. So please continue to follow your support order even if you’ve been refused visitation because you do anyone any good behind bars.

Once a child support order has been issued, can it be changed?

Even though the noncustodial parent has a duty to support their children, the government understands that life happens and modification of child support may be possible if either parent experiences a significant change in financial circumstances. The courts usually consider a change to be significant if the new calculation results in a 15% change in the child support amount. A change in the following conditions may be grounds for a modification:

  • Three or more years have passed since the initial order or last modification;
  • The current order does not contain a irective to obtain medical support and either party now has access to a reasonable health insurance plan;
  • Changes in medical insurance coverage;
  • Emancipation of the child;
  • Reduction of income or loss of job;
  • Changes in daycare or childcare costs;
  • Incarceration of the noncustodial parent; and
  • Either parent is determined to be disabled.

An interesting fact worth noting is that currently, the state of Arizona has a child support forgiveness program that might improve your current situation! The Department of Child Support Services is currently, offering for parents with abnormal circumstances. In addition, there are even forgiveness programs for parents finishing their high school education or receiving a GED. If this is you, could receive up to $1,000 forgiveness of outstanding debts

If you are experiencing an issue with your current child support order or are interested in arranging for an initial child support order you should contact a local law office to obtain more information.

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