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Arizona Child Support Enforcement: What You Need to Know

A common misconception about child support for noncustodial parents is that when their visitation rights have been refused by the custodial parent that they are no longer obligated to pay. This is not true. In fact, each parent is mandated to … Read More

An Easy Way To Pay Child Support On Time And Avoid Penalties

“Parents who avoid paying child support are rounded up by authorities” – is a headline you see all too often. It’s an unfortunate truth, and the latest example happened in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  The Sheriff took 5 offenders into custody for missing … Read More

Arizona Is Getting Clever About How To Collect Child Support

Getting backpay is never easy – but Arizona child support enforcers services seem to have found a unique approach that doesn’t exactly involve court orders. Instead, Arizona will be hosting a phone-a-thon, where individuals can call in and get back on track with … Read More