Why SupportPay?

If you’ve heard about SupportPay, and are curious, but haven’t signed up yet, you might have some reservations. Maybe you’re thinking you don’t need another app or login. Maybe you’re thinking there’s no real need to have a separate account for tracking child support. Or maybe you just don’t want to think about it at the moment.

Well, we get it. In today’s world, you have to juggle more apps, logins, accounts, and data than you’ve ever had to. But the world has also become more complicated, and keeping track of everything has also become a job in and of itself.

So, if you’re paying or receiving child support, why exactly should you register to use SupportPay today? Let us outline some of the reasons.

If you’re paying child support:

  • Clearly see how and when money is spent on your children. This will give you the peace of mind that knowing your payments are going to making your child’s life better. And it may reduce any discrepancies or arguments you could have with your ex.
  • Centralized location for all payments and proofs. – Yes, there are ways to keep track of your child support payments. But none with the efficiency, ease of use, and trust that SupportPay allows. Plus, you will have all the proofs you need for tax time, court cases, and anything else that may come up. Trust us, you will need your documents.
  • Easy annual tax reports–for spousal support, medical, and healthcare spending accounts – We will provide these to you. Tax time can be stressful for anyone. With one annual report, we do the work so you don’t have to, and provide you a summary of all your child support payments, as well as other reports you need.
  • Pay merchants and stores and keep a complete history of all transactions – We will also assist with your other financial transactions related to your children. Again, the ease of use of having everything in one place can’t be overstated. It saves you time, and you maximize your investments in your child support payments.

Now, if you are received child support, you also benefit greatly from using the platform, such as:

  • No more manual payments tracking and management – You will have one place to track and look at the child support payments you received. No more paper. No more hassle. Just a quick and easy place to make sure you have the payments.
  • Say goodbye to disorganized, expense-related communication – No more having to chat with your ex, or have multiple messages and conversations about payments. The other parent pays through SupportPay, and we can help with the conversations about payment. Money is always an issue with couples, and it still can be an issue even after a separation. We want to make sure that, divorced, separated, estranged – whatever your situation – that we remove the burden of having to discuss money with relation to child support.
  • Central location for all expenses–an easy place to reference all tax or court-related purposes – Again, one easy place. We can’t stress this enough – organization makes your life better, easier and more successful. SupportPay will be a place to store all your tax and court related documents in a digital format. This means you can access them anytime without having to mull through papers and stacks of boxes. Your child support papers were never easier to find!
  • Keep a complete history of how money is spent on your children and easily share information with the other parent – Again, since money is something parents always fight about, it’s never been easier to simply keep track of payments related to your children and child support. Court issues are resolved more easily as well because there is one place to keep track of payments. Your life will be more drama free, and that’s what we want.

These are some reasons to use SupportPay. We are confident that our solution will make your life better and help enrich it as a parent or a co-parent. Paying and tracking child support is now made easy. So do yourself a favor and try it for free today.

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