Government Research Finds States Need to Update How They Collect Child Support

The Deloitte Center for Government Insights released a report detailing the need for state agencies to modernize their collection and management of child support payments and services. Payments are still being missed, data is poorly tracked, and records continue to be a chaotic and hard to come by. Given the increase in technology today, the report recommends that states modernize and use new state of the art tools to increase payments and services.

Among the findings are:

  • Shift child support beyond enforcement by working with parents who struggle to make payments.
  • Make better connections with paying parents to promote sustained cooperative behaviors.
  • Modernize legacy information technology systems to leverage data effectively and bring about operational improvements.
  • Leverage data analytics to better understand clients and improve services.
  • Improve the employee experience to attract and retain top talent.

Some states are working to modernize their systems. For example, New York has a predictive model that pairs caseworkers with parents who may struggle to meet payments. However, others, like certain counties in Nevada, are well behind on modernization. Other states like Alabama, Tennessee, and Kentucky also fall behind.

At SupportPay, we know all too well how poor technology and a lack of modernization truly affects families. That’s exactly why we created SupportPay. Sheri Atwood, a divorced mother of one, found out after going through her divorce that there was no child support solution that could help her navigate a confusing system. As a developer, she knew she could make a better system.

Our tool allows you to track, manage and organize your child support payments in an easy to use way. This means no more waiting on government agencies that don’t respond. No more wondering where or when you’ll get paid. By having both parents use SupportPay, the talks about money disappear. And we’ve seen that parents are 90% more likely to pay when using SupportPay.

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