It’s Not Just Individuals Who Need Help Tracking Child Support

It’s no surprise that people need help tracking child support. After all, we’re very busy, and there are so many more bills to pay than there were a decade ago – phone, internet, TV, car, rent, etc, that keeping track of and monitoring yet another expense isn’t easy. And that’s why we created SupportPay – to make tracking child support easy.

But did you know that tracking payments and accounts is something that governments also have a hard time with? Recently the government in Guam’s Department of Administration had a shortfall in payroll, and tapped into the child support payments to cover it – to the tune of $6 million. While this was repaid shortly thereafter, the lack of oversight, planning and tracking means that governments could tap into accounts and potentially deplete them without any proper system in place to track total amounts of child support.

This is precisely the kind of problem we are looking to alleviate. The child support payment system simply does not function as it should, and millions and millions of dollars could potentially be lost due to shoddy accounting, improper organization, or any number of factors. SupportPay is looking to help with making sure that support payments are tracked, on time, and accounted for. Further, we are looking to assure that child support funds go where they’re supposed to go – to the children and families that are owed support. Without a third party system in place, governments don’t necessarily have the proper checks and balances needed to assure that funds are allocated and tracked properly.

We recommend trying SupportPay today for free so you can better understand how we can help your life be better managed, and to allow you to get back to what you do best – being a parent.

Let’s try SupportPay today to get easy your child support process.

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