An Easy Way To Pay Child Support On Time And Avoid Penalties

“Parents who avoid paying child support are rounded up by authorities” – is a headline you see all too often. It’s an unfortunate truth, and the latest example happened in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  The Sheriff took 5 offenders into custody for missing gross amounts of child support payments. Not only will these individuals be responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in back pay – but they are also now facing penalties and possibly even time in jail for repeat offenses.

That’s not how we want child support to be handled. Too many parents miss deadlines, miss out on owed child support, or in general don’t get the kind of support and help that they need to raise their children.

Which is where SupportPay comes in.

SupportPay is the first fully automated child support payment platform that allows you to schedule, track and monitor child support payments. But it also protects parents by having records of payments right in the platform.

Parents that use SupportPay are 90% more likely to pay child support. That means no fees, penalties, or worries – and child support is paid on time, easily, every month.

We also have a flex pay feature, which allows parents to make partial payments and meet their obligations when they can, instead of missing them altogether. And we have a financial tool that makes tracking your routine payments much easier – especially if you’re sharing childcare expenses. There is no better way to pay child support.

SupportPay is now free for 30 days, with all the features you need. Try it today!

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