Child Support Questions

COVID-19 and Child Support Payments

COVID-19 and Child Support Payments: (FAQ)

As the entire traditional landscape of daily life changes for Americans as a result of the COVID-19 virus, the expectation is that strict quarantine and shelter-in-place measures may occur again. Business owners, workers, and society as a whole have faced astronomical changes … Read More


How Parents Can Plan for the Future by Focusing on Today

How Parents Can Plan for the Future by Focusing on Today Parents have an idea about how you want your child’s life to play out. First, they will have all of the most adorable baby items. As they grow, they’ll … Read More

Must-Known Tips for Paying your Kids College Expenses

Must-Known Tips for Paying your Kids College Expenses If paying your kid’s college expenses is a step you want to take, the next things to figure out is how to make it happen. Your kid’s expenses can include a choice of school, … Read More

Need Child Support Legal Help In California?

Family courts in California are known to be notoriously difficult to deal with. Many of the decisions that are made follow separate rules, structures, and systems that are different from the traditional governing laws. You can visit here on the CA … Read More

Paying Child Support in King County, Washington

Child support laws are complicated and varied. Everyone who has ever been through the legal system knows this. In fact, learning new laws and paying court fees, filing fees, and all manner of complex rules and regulations was one of … Read More

Child Support & the Government Shutdown

With the government shutdown now being the longest in history we are getting a lot of questions regarding the government shutdown and child support. There is a lot of talk about federal employees not being paid but very little mention … Read More


How to Get Child Support

It’s a simple question – but unfortunately, it doesn’t have a simple answer: “how can I collect child support?” As many of you probably already know, the family court system is complex and daunting. Even lawyers with degrees from top … Read More

5 Truths About Child Support and Divorce

In the world of the Internet, memes and false information, there’s no amount of myths and lies about paying child support on the Internet. While the web has made it easier to discover your own truths without paying a lot … Read More

We Help Parents Raise Children Together – Even When Separated

A bitter divorce – it’s unfortunate, but it happens. And it happens even when we don’t plan on it. SupportPay’s founder, Sheri Atwood, is a child of a bitter divorce. She understands from firsthand experience how trying bitter divorces can … Read More

Need Child Support help But Don’t Want to Talk To Your Ex

Every part of a divorce is difficult – from the emotional, to the physical, to the financial. But we also understand that a difficult – and sometimes frightening – part of a divorce is dealing with the complex, arcane and … Read More

Going Through A Divorce? Here’s How to Make it Easier

Divorce is never easy. Even for the couples that are both understanding of the fact that it may be the best decision, there are dozens of factors that make it difficult for any couple. Not to mention that very often, … Read More

Why Child Support Should Be About More Than Just Money

After a divorce, child support can be a conflict-ridden process. It’s not uncommon that once loving, kind spouses turn hostile and seek to get everything they can from the deal, ripping their relationship apart. So typically, parents drift away and … Read More


You Need Child Support But Don’t Wanna Talk To Your Ex

Talking to your ex is tough – but it just got a little easier.  Love can be a strange and funny thing. When you’re in the thick of it, all you want to do is be around that person and … Read More

Why Pay Your Child Support On Time,learn about the reasons

It probably goes without saying that there are consequences to not paying child support – and none of them are fun. All across the country law enforcement is cracking down on parents who are not paying their child support payments. … Read More

How Alimony and Child Support Affect Your Taxes

If you haven’t started doing your taxes yet, you’re running out of time to gather the necessary paperwork to meet this year’s April 15 filing deadline. And while many people believe filing taxes just means telling the IRS how much … Read More