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Manage Child Support & Alimony, Share Expenses & Make Payments

Directly Between Parents

Child support & expenses,

all in one place

Manage your child support, family support, spousal support, alimony and your child expenses in a single, easy to use application that can be accessed from the web or mobile device. Store all your receipts & get payments in 3 – 7 days.

Save Time – #1 CoParenting App for Finances

No need to check bank accounts or manually track transactions. Stop digging through old bank statements or debating with the other parent over how much is owed. Eliminate the need to find receipts. Automate the process of tracking expenses, providing receipts, calculating how much is owed, and making payments. No manual entry of receipt data – simply upload or take a picture of your receipt and the data is automatically populated into the expense.

Simplify the sharing of expenses!

Makes Children’s Lives Better

Raising children is hard enough. Why make it harder by stressing over expenses and payments with the other parent? We make everything simple and streamlined. Now you can spend more time being a parent and less time managing your support payments, expenses, receipts & documents. Paying parents can see where their money is going and parents who receive the payments can clearly demonstrate how expensive children really are.

Give your children the financial security they deserve!

It’s like an automated financial mediator

Eliminate the need to discuss expenses and payments directly with your ex regarding child support and shared expenses. SupportPay manages the entire process, stores a certified record for compliance, court & tax purposes and facilitates all of the communication between parents!

Experience how peaceful your life will become!

Families we are helping

$ 192M

Child Support Managed. Millions of Dollars managed by SupportPay


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Kids Get Support. More likely to get child support if SupportPay is used.

Give Your Children the

Financial Support They Deserve!

SupportPay delivers a revolutionary new approach to the way families share child expenses and manage child support!

The only child support system built for parents!

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You can now focus on what matters most

Raising Happy, Healthy Children

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