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The world's leading, first-ever automated child support payment platform.

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Pay one, pay some, pay all

The proof is in the app. Pay and record how you and the other parent spend on child support expenses. Make partial and full payments like never before.

“I can choose how much to pay for before my due dates. SupportPay makes it easy for me to pay as much as I want, whenever I want.”

Michelle, Divorced mother of 4

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Expenses You Owe table and Partial Payments

Goodbye money talk, hello easy.

Kids can be a handful. Enjoy unlimited history of all of your recorded child support expenses. Set scheduled, automatic payments that process according to you and your childrens’ schedule.

“The best thing about SupportPay … I never have to talk to my ex about money again. That is priceless.”

Gabe, Divorced father of 4

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Your docs and receipts all in one place.

Upload and export tax reports, receipts, payment proofs, and other all other legal documents for use in court or tax purposes.

“This is very valuable to my clients. All of their expense and payment history in a transparent system. There is no longer a dispute of who owes what to whom and significantly reduces the ongoing conflict associated with child support.”

Jennfier, Family Law Attorney

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Expenses You Owe table and Partial Payments

Custom recipients, categories, merchants.

Create custom categories and add your most frequently visited merchants for your own personal expense tracking. Easily organize expenses for your children’s clothing, healthcare, school supplies, or sporting goods.

“For those of us who don’t want to spend hours a week talking to our exes about ‘who is writing the check for soccer this year’ etc, this is a must-have.”

Lisa, Divorced mother of 2

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