We Help Parents Raise Children Together – Even When Separated

A bitter divorce – it’s unfortunate, but it happens. And it happens even when we don’t plan on it. SupportPay’s founder, Sheri Atwood, is a child of a bitter divorce. She understands from firsthand experience how trying bitter divorces can be. And fight after fight, she heard so often how money played at the center of their marital woes. When she went through her own divorce, she was determined to make sure that her daughter didn’t experience the same acrimony of her parent’s divorce.

However, Sheri learned that while the divorce was easy, there were no tools or technologies available to help parents going through a divorce manage their child support. In a day an age where “there’s an app for that” is pretty much routine, there unfortunately wasn’t an app for something that tens of millions of family had to deal with on a daily basis. This means that its easy to miss payments, easy to fail in tracking payments.

Studies show that criminalizing the failure to pay child support hasn’t work. So what if there was a way to encourage paying child support by making it easier? That’s the idea behind SupportPay – and that is why we’ve upgraded to SupportPay 4.0, where our product is now faster and easier to use. New features include:

  • Auto track wage garnishments
  • Easy to use payment tracking
  • Store Unlimited Docs & Receipts
  • Dispute items
  • Customize alerts & notifications
  • Standard & Custom Category Tracking
  • Long Term Storage & History
  • Online & Live Support

And that’s just the beginning. We’ve worked to assure that a bitter divorce doesn’t mean you can’t find an easy, simple way to still be parents together. Our tool helps you do that, and helps eliminate some of the burdens and pitfalls associated with child support payments. And there are more ways for you to try our product, including a free trial. So sign up today.

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