Paying Child Support in King County, Washington

Child support laws are complicated and varied. Everyone who has ever been through the legal system knows this. In fact, learning new laws and paying court fees, filing fees, and all manner of complex rules and regulations was one of the reasons we began SupportPay in the first place – to help parents find an easy way to manage, track and pay child support without wasting tons of time and money. And if you’re living in, or deal with child support in King County, Washington, then we’re also here to help.

King County Child Support services tend to follow the same basic requirements and rules as many other states and counties. But there are some differences. If you have frequently asked questions, we have answers. Here’s what you need to know if you’re managing and paying child support:

  1. You can change your child support order – Child support will change along with your changing circumstances. This is a good thing – and should hopefully come as no surprise to you. If it does, then you may be overpaying (or, in some cases, you may not be collecting enough child support.) To change your support order, you can either contact an attorney, or do it yourself. This isn’t exactly a quick process – the courts will consider everything from your income, to the payors income, to circumstances, and length of time of the last modification. But for both parties, renewing and reviewing your child support order is critical to making sure everything is fair. Here are some more tips on how to change your child support in King County, Washington.
  2. A notice to pay child support can be a final order – You will have to look at the order, but for Washington and King County, child support notices can actually be a legally binding order. For more information, go here. You are entitled to a hearing, and if you do, you can seek legal advice.
  3. You can pay child support online – There are a number of ways to pay child support online, including through Washington and King County. However, there is a quicker, safer and more secure way to pay child support online – and that’s through SupportPay. We now have eCheck, which allows users to send and write checks online, and it is all tied to your back account. But SupportPay also has the ability to track, monitor, and send payment notices to the payor and payee. There are also calendar features, payment tracking, and others which will let you
  4. There are resources – Still looking for more information on King County child support? Go here for some King County child support FAQs – or visit us at our Washington child support state resources page.
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