How to Collect Child Support

It’s not a question we like to hear, but it’s one that comes up often – what do I do if I haven’t received, and you’re looking to collect, child support? The truth is, there are many options available to … Read More

Top 4 Things You Missed When Calculating Child Support

Top 4 Things You Missed When Calculating Child Support

When it comes to getting divorced or ending a relationship with the parent of your child there is a lot going on. From getting used to a new living situation to dividing assets most of the time, energy and effort goes … Read More

Tips on How to Find A Lawyer

Where do you go for answers to all of the questions that come up during and after a divorce? Who’s responsibility is THAT? Which one of us is supposed to do this? What do I do in that crazy situation? … Read More


SupportPay and Tax Season

Well, it is tax season and SupportPay can help you with. That lovely time of year when you try to remember where you put all that important mail that has been coming in for a few months now. Maybe you … Read More

Taxes and good Habits

With tax season fast approaching I wanted to make it easier for you to streamline your documents and file. I wrote a few posts about taxes here, and here, and also wanted to encourage you to start a habit. Taxes and good habits … Read More

The Irony of Divorce with Children

Divorce doesn’t make it easier. One of the first questions I’m asked when someone finds out that I am a single mother is “why did you divorce?” This question is common to anyone who has a child and is no … Read More