Tips on How to Find A Lawyer

Where do you go for answers to all of the questions that come up during and after a divorce? Who’s responsibility is THAT? Which one of us is supposed to do this? What do I do in that crazy situation? And who the heck pays for it anyway?

Do you ask a friend? Do you rely on family members to give you accurate information? Do you have a lawyer? One that you trust? Maybe you have a lawyer but you feel like they have taken you as far as they can. Is the initial process of the divorce over and paperwork final, and now you have to figure out the day to day life and how to support your child? In the midst of trying to figure it all out, it would be extremely beneficial if lawyers would steer their clients to use SupportPay before they are sent off to start this new life. Here are some tips on how to find a lawyer.

SupportPay is one tool that can make your life easier, especially when you are going through so many transitions. It allows both parents to communicate about all of the financial decisions related to their child. There is no need to make phone calls for reminders to pay. There is no need to fight in front of the child about money. It answers many of the questions that come up related to the financial needs of your child.

Parents are given the freedom to focus on raising happy, healthy kids. By using SupportPay, parents can enter all receipts and expenses related to the child, keep record of them, and split the costs – all online. See what each parent owes each month and its all itemized by type of expense, what it is related to, and where the payment was made or where it needs to go. Both parties are much more likely to pay their portion if there is transparency and honesty related to where the money is going and why.

SupportPay users enjoy a much higher rate of child support payments fulfilled, because it is a system that works. Users are happy with a neutral source in between them simply sharing the information about the reality of the child’s financial needs. So if you are a lawyer then its time to check out SupportPay and start sharing it with your clients. They will thank you for it, and you will have done your job well.

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